Modular Universal Tool Mounts

Aether 1’s Modular Universal Tool Mounts take versatility to new heights.

3D bioprinting applications often have extremely diverse requirements.  However, most bioprinters don’t offer the flexibility to allow you to select the best tool for each application.

You may find 15ml or 30ml syringes ideal for most applications, but also encounter situations where a 3ml or 5ml syringe would be preferable, such as when using small quantities or working with very expensive bio-materials.

Aether 1 was built to always give you the exact tool you need.

Modular Universal Tool Mounts makes switching from one syringe size to another easy as can be.

Easily mix and match syringe types and sizes.  Print with up to 8 syringes at a time of any size 55ml or less.

Utilizing Modular Universal Tool Mounts you can attach other tools to the printhead, such as cutting tools to carve shapes and patterns, or marking devices like pens or pencils.  Combine multiple tool types together on the printhead and use them all as part of a single print, all from one simple 3D file.

Aether 1’s Modular Universal Tool Mounts allow you to use the very best tool for every application.