Microscope + Machine Vision

Aether 1’s attachable microscope opens up 3D bioprinting in new ways.  Combined with Machine Vision Object Recognition, it can raise precision and automation to a whole new level.

The Microscope has a 230x optical 700x digital zoom with optional UV light.  This will allow you to watch your small and nano-scale printing up close and make adjustments as necessary.

The UV light makes it convenient to view fluorescent tagged proteins and other UV-reactive materials.

You can get real-time photos or videos from the microscope streamed directly to your computer or mobile device, or right to Aether 1’s 7 inch 480p touchscreen display.

If you wish to automate or improve your bioprinting processes, Aether is available for hire to create custom Machine Vision Object Recognition software to automatically detect cells, as well as other organic or inorganic structures.