The more versatile your capabilities in the lab, the more incredible things you can accomplish.

Aether 1 is not just the most capable pneumatic 3D bioprinter ever made, it can also be adapted to perform Laser Assisted Bioprinting applications using your own lasers and substrates.  This will allow you to pursue any goal whether it requires FFF, pneumatic extrusion, droplet jetting, or LAB…all from one simple integrated machine.

For ultra high-precision cutting and engraving, Aether 1’s 435nm laser is a fantastic tool.  You can also use your own small laser with Aether 1.

Lasers offer a wide variety of possible applications such as engraving channels and pathways into microfluidic chips and other devices.

Using a laser with Aether 1 is extremely easy.

Our software is already configured for laser engraving.  No custom coding required. No knowledge of difficult software needed.  It’s extremely simple.

A laser pushes the envelope of what’s possible with Aether 1 even farther, so you can push the envelope with your research.