Heated Glass Syringe Extruder

Some of the most exciting new areas of 3D bioprinting involve the use of heated or melted materials.

The best way to achieve this is to use a system that directly heats the syringe as it prints.

However, most bioprinters don’t offer a heated syringe system.  The few that do use plastic syringes which can leech harmful chemicals directly into your material.

Aether 1’s Hot Glass Syringe comes with an anodized aluminum mount with internal heating elements, and an all-glass syringe.  The materials are ultra high-quality so leeching plastic is never a problem.

You can also use more than one Hot Glass Syringe at a time, combining multiple melted materials in a single print.

Heated syringes can be useful in a wide variety of 3D bioprinting tasks, such as printing with “sugar glass.”

Sugar glass is simply melted sugar in a caramelized state, but it can be useful in important research.  Among other things, it’s often used to simulate blood vessel networks.  Sugar glass is typically very difficult to print with, but works tremendously well with Aether 1’s Hot Glass Syringe.

Aether 1 excels at maintaining a steady temperature inside the Hot Glass Syringe throughout the duration of your print, which leads to better print quality when using heated materials.