Electronics Printing

Integrating biology and electronics is one of the ultimate goals of bioprinting.

Aether 1 was designed to allow electro-conductive materials and biological materials to be combined quickly and easily.  You can now easily combine multiple electro-conductive and biological materials in a single print.

Many electronics printers force you to use extremely expensive proprietary conductive inks.  But with Aether 1 you can print using your own materials, such as silver nano-particle paste, conductive silicone, or any printable conductive material.

No other electronics printer on the market allows you to print with so many different materials, or combine so many fabrication methods.

With the ability to print with eight different syringe-extruded materials and two filament materials all together in one print, you can integrate electronics and biology in ways that have never been possible before.  Combined with fabrication methods like 4,000 Hz droplet jetting, FFF, CNC, and laser engraving, Aether 1 allows you to be the first to explore brand new frontiers in printing electronics.

The dream of combining biology and electronics has never been more within reach.