Dual Bowden FFF Extruders

Aether 1 gives you all  the tools required to turn your vision into reality.

The possibilities of what can be created with a full 8 syringe system are phenomenal, but only part of the picture.  A full tool-belt must also include FFF hot-end filament extruders.

Presently FFF is the most popular and common form of 3D printing.

Somehow, other 3D bioprinters completely ignore this critical element.

Bio-material prints often require structural supports and scaffolds. When it comes to effective supports, hot-end extruded filament is often the best option.

FFF is a critical element of bioprinting and the technology is moving extremely fast.  New types of filament are being made constantly, such as the recently developed graphene and nano-material filaments.  Microfluidic chips can now be made from extruded filament, ABS/PLA prosthetics are improving lives, and bio-compatible PLA filament can even be used to create implantable devices.

That’s why Aether 1 comes standard with a a cutting-edge Dual Bowden Filament Extrusion system to complement its full 8 syringe system.  The 2 Bowden extruders can be used on their own, or together with any of Aether 1’s many fabrication methods.

Combined with its 8 syringe system,  Aether 1 offers an unprecedented 10 extruders.

With such a wide variety of materials at your disposal, your only limit is your imagination.