Automatic Air Pressure Calibration

Automating the most difficult elements of 3D bioprinting will help researchers achieve better and faster life-saving results.

Calibrating the air pressure is one of the most challenging aspects of 3D bioprinting.  It’s very time-consuming and difficult.  In fact it’s impossible to calibrate with much precision, because it’s approximated by eye.

This has made creating high-quality bio prints all but impossible.

This single issue has held bioprinting back in an enormous way…until now.

Aether has now made the most difficult part of bioprinting push-button simple.

Fill the syringe, place it on the printhead, and Aether 1 does the rest.

Utilizing the latest developments in Machine Vision, Aether 1 is able to deliver extremely accurate Air Pressure Calibration.

Anyone can start bioprinting quickly, easily, and achieve high-quality prints.