8 Syringe Extruders

More materials mean more possibilities.  It means an opportunity to help more people, and do bigger things.

Researcher’s highest aspirations in the field of 3D bioprinting involve printing complex structures, such as organs and tissue.  This requires a large number of bio-materials, but we can only use as many materials as our bioprinter allows.

Bioprinters priced at $250,000 and up often have only 2-4 syringe extruders.

Aether 1 incorporates a unique and innovative retraction system that’s directly on the printhead.  It lowers only the syringe that’s in use, while keeping all others retracted and out of the way, creating a very powerful syringe extrusion system within an extraordinarily small space.

Now the most affordable 3D bioprinter ever created comes standard with an incredible 8 syringe extrusion system.

This more than doubles the material capacity of today’s most expensive bioprinters.

For the very first time, you can print with 8 materials at once using a pneumatic syringe system.

Unlike other bioprinters, Aether 1 also include 2 hot-end FFF filament extruders, allowing you to use an unbelievable 10 materials in a single print.

Filaments and syringe-based materials can be easily combined.

It’s no problem at all to print with materials like electro-conductive ink, multiple types of human cells, graphene-plastic filament, silicone, ceramics, bio-inks, and more, all in one print from one simple 3D file.

Aether’s 10 extruder system empowers researchers with a tool that will help them make more complex creations than anything that’s ever been possible before.

This will open up new possibilities and ignite innovation.