Aether 1 – 3D Bioprinter

Across the ages from the ancient to the modern world, human potential has been defined by our tools.
Give an innovative mind a powerful new tool, and there is no limit to what can be accomplished.
That’s why Aether has developed Aether 1, the most versatile tool ever created.
Aether 1 will help university, government, and private researchers achieve their most ambitious and world-changing goals, for a price that any lab can afford.
Aether 1 is a revolutionary new 3D bioprinter that allows you to print with up to 24 materials and mix multiple fabrication methods into one simple print.
Aether 1 offers 5-10x the amount of syringe extruders offered by today’s top-of-the-line $250,000+ 3D bioprinters, as well as a far wider range of printable materials, many more fabrication methods and features, increased precision and dramatically better overall quality.
Incredibly, Aether 1 costs only a small fraction of the price.
Aether 1 is an easy-to-use modular air-pressure based 3D bioprinter which comes with an 8 syringe, 2 hot-end, 10 extruder fabrication system. Aether 1 includes 4 never-before-seen automation features, Machine Vision Automatic Air-pressure Calibration, Machine Vision Automatic X/Y Offset Calibration, Dual Automatic Multi-Function Nozzle-Cleaning Stations, and Automatic Mechanical Stage-Leveling.  Aether 1 will open up entirely new possibilities for bioprinting research.
The modular Aether 1 system can be equipped with optional attachments like solenoid microvalves for droplet jetting. Print with up to 14 high-precision microvalves, and combine them with 8 syringes and 2 hot-ends for a total of 24 extruders and an endless variety of printable materials.
Print with viscous pastes, gels, ceramics, filament, oils, liquids, resins, and more.
Aether 1 is the first 3D bioprinter to ever offer the ability to print with such a wide range of materials.
Some of Aether 1’s modular attachment options include a laser engraver, photocrosslinking UV LEDs, and an anodized aluminum heated syringe mount with 30cc glass syringe.
Aether 1 gives you the historic new capability of combining these tools and fabrication methods together into one simple print.
Aether 1 is the world’s most advanced 3D bioprinter.

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Including optional features
Fabrication System:
10+ Extruders
8 Pneumatic Syringe Extruders with Vertical Retraction System
2 FFF Hot End Filament Extruders
Anodized Aluminum Heated Syringe Mount with 30cc Glass Syringe
Solenoid Microvalve Droplet Jetting Extruders
UV Photo Cross-linking LED – Multiple Wavelengths Available
CNC Milling
445nm Laser
Universal Tool Mounts – Use Syringes or Tools of Virtually Any Kind
7 inch 480p Touchscreen
Anodized Aluminum and Glass Exterior
Printer Dimensions:
24” x 17 “ x 17” (610mm x 432mm x 432mm)
Max Build Size 12.4” x 9” x 5.2”  (315mm x 229mm x 132mm)
Max Build Volume 580.32” (14,732mm)
Weight 99 pounds
Built for Desktop Use
Maximum Resolution:
X/Y axis – 1.055 micron (0.001055mm)
Z axis – 0.43 nanometers (0.00000043mm)
Combines Multi-Material and Multi-Fabrication Method Prints into Single 3D File
Simplifies Printing Process
Machine Vision Automatic Air Pressure Calibration
Automatic Nozzle Cleaning and Unclogging
Automatic Stage Leveling
Built for Your Own Materials – No Expensive Proprietary Inks
Interior Multi Color LED Lighting System
Interior UV Blacklight LED Lighting System
Machine Vision Automatic XY Offset Calibration
Heated Printing Surface
All-Metal Chain and Sprocket Gantry System
Air Filter
Wi-fi Internet
Attachable Microscope – Custom Machine/Computer Vision Development